BarCamp Kuwait One


BarCamp Kuwait One (20). The first BarCamp event in Kuwait! w00t!
Location: Marina Crescent Hotel – Oyster Hall.
Time: 10/10/10, 14:00 – 20:00, followed by dinner.
Twitter hashtag: #barcampkwt
Admission fees: None. The event is free & public!

Topic Focus

Technology & IT in general: Networking, SEO, Programming, Web Design, Hardware, …etc.


  1. Kuwait Digital Library for Schools (Concept), by Safia.
  2. Microsoft’s BizSpark Kuwait Campaign, by AhamShay.
  3. Kuwait Barcode Directory, by MBH.
  4. ARP Spoofing, Network Security and Public Network Safety, by Loolykinns.
  5. ArabNet, by Omar.
  6. Apocalypse Survival Guide, by MBH.
  7. Clinical Informatics, by Dhari Al-Huwail.
  8.‘s Evolution, by Tariq Sager.
  9. The Kuwaiti Web, by Saud.
  10. The Benefits of Python, by Abdullah Al-Khulaifi.
  11. Cheap Man’s 40-Disk Storage Cluster, by MBH.
  12. Kuwait Paper Dump‘s Idea & Evolution, by Salem Marafi.
  13.‘s Idea, Evolution & Culture, by Talal Al-Awadhi.
  14. UX Design (User Experience Design), by Haider Al-Mosawi.


Shaymaa (a.k.a AhamShay).
Twitter: @ahamshay



A list of attendees’ twitter accounts (those who wanted to share it):


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