BarCamp Kuwait Two – Preparations


We’re looking for people interested in presenting at BarCamp Kuwait. We need at least 5 main presenters to proceed with reserving the venue & other arrangements.

Presentations must stick to the topics defined below. Marketing and advertising your own product is not allowed, but you’re free to share technical information about your product(s), like the difficulties you’ve encountered in making it, scaling your application in case of web applications, evolution of the user interface and how users responded to it, …etc.

Register Now!

* You can register as an attendee only or as a presenter.


UPDATE: We’re planning to hold it on Saturday, April 2nd.

Topic Focus

Technology & IT in general: Networking, SEO, Programming, Web Design, Hardware, …etc.

We prefer to have existing and implemented ideas presented, not concepts, as they give insight to hows & whats of the project rather than fantasizing about it.

Security Auditing (Hacking) and Proof of Concepts are welcome, but affected parties should be notified and invited to the event.

If this is a new exploit, net etiquette dictates that one should notify the affected party (company owning code) about the exploit 3 months prior to releasing the code to the public.

The affected party must know about what the auditor is about to present, and the auditor must not share the PoC code with anyone apart from the affected party.

Helping fix the world, even bits of it, is a noble deed that everyone acknowledges.

Presentation Timing

Presentations should be 15 minutes long maximum then 5 minutes for questions and answers, so 20 minutes in total.

If your topic is really interesting and requires more time, we can stretch it to 20 minutes and 5 minutes for Q and A.

Special Needs

If you have a special need to access the venue or require certain medical assistance to be available just in case (epilepsy, for example), please let us know so we take proper arrangements.

Contact and Registration

Shaymaa (a.k.a AhamShay)
Twitter: @ahamshay

Twitter: @haideralmosawi

Majed (a.k.a MBH)
Twitter: @mbhbox

If you’d like to present, please contact us! We need a minimum of 5 speakers!
Haider: barcampkw [at]
Majed:  mbhkewl [at]

To register as an attendee or participator, fill in this form.

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6 Responses to BarCamp Kuwait Two – Preparations

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  2. Bashar says:

    good luck

  3. Bashar says:

    Insha’allah i will 🙂

  4. sig says:

    Looly wrote:
    You can check with @MBHkewl in twitter, he’s sort of managing the whole thing (And it’s the only way I can reach the guy in real-time)

    he has his twitter account set to private.. and I can’t “follow” him (don’t have an account).

    If that’s the only reliable way to get information about barcamp kuwait, then that tells me a lot about how open and public it is; weird communication channels, short notice when calling for speakers (wtf is 2 weeks?!!), irregular interval for the event (one event per year is enough, no more), inconvenient timing for many people (a summer event would be nice).


    • MBH says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      @mbhkewl is my private account. I blab a lot in it. If you prefer to have the essential tweets & event coverage, you can follow my public account @mbhbox

      Also, we did announce it 3 weeks beforehand not 2, and it was published on barcamp’s blog (this) and on my blog as well.

      As for the notice period, barcamp is not about asking people to make new projects, but about asking them to present their existing projects, so 2-3 weeks is more than enough to make a presentation about what you already did.
      In fact, Nasser wrote the main topics of his presentation about Q8traffic in 10 minutes before his presentation!

      The event is not fixed as a yearly one because there are so many people with so many cool projects and one time a year is barely enough for everyone to share their projects with us.
      We still don’t know whether we’ll another barcamp event this year but if yes, then at most there will be two a year.

      Summer is not convenient because most people travel.

      Thank you for the input though! Let me know if you have anymore comments and suggestions.

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