BarCamp Kuwait Two


BarCamp Kuwait Two (21):
Location: Movenpick Al-Bidaa – Slaysell 2 and 3.
Time: April 2, 2011, 14:00 – 20:00, followed by dinner.
Twitter hashtag: #barcampkw
Online stream:
Extra stuff: Yummy cookies and a caricature artist to draw the presenters.
Admission fees: None. The event is free & public!

Topic Focus

Technology & IT in general: Networking, SEO, Programming, Web Design, Hardware, …etc.


  1. WarDriving Kuwait, by MBH.
  2. Cloud Computing, by Bashar Abdullah.
  3. Python in the Workforce, by Burhan Khalid.
  4. Cookies Vending Machine, by Dherar Al-Rushoud.
  5. WebsiteSpark and BizSpark, by Microsoft.
  6. User Experience Design, by Haider Al-Mosawi.
  7. Kuwait Paper Dump Mobile, by Salem Marafi.
  8. BioBanks and the Importance of Informatics in Kuwait, by Dari Al-Huwail.
  9. Internet at a Glance in Kuwait, by Talal Al-Awadhi.
  10. Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, by Tammy Camp.
  11. Open Source in Business, by Bashar Al-Abdulhadi.
  12. Scaling Web Applications, by Ahmad Al-Ibrahim.
  13. Q8Traffic, by Nasser Al-Hilal.
  14. Patient Data Privacy, by Dr. Mohammad.

Note: If you’re a speaker and would like us to put your presentation here, send it over, or send us a link to it if you were hosting it already.


  • Microsoft Kuwait.

Live Feeds and Videos


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2 Responses to BarCamp Kuwait Two

  1. commentario says:

    didnt anyone record the presentations? in the age of youtube you could have thrown it all up one the interwebs.

    • MBH says:

      We had live streams which were recorded. YouTube wasn’t an option since they don’t allow us to upload more than 15 minutes of video.

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