BarCamp Kuwait Three – Registration


I always wanted to start a sentence with a roar. Anyway, Barcamp (21 + 20) is coming up on January 7th, 2012 from 1 PM till 9 PM, assuming the world doesn’t end.
The venue has not been decided yet, but registration is open & free & we need to know how many people are coming, so click away!

Register Now!

Topic Focus

Technology & IT in general: Networking, SEO, Programming, Web Design, Hardware, …etc.

We prefer to have existing and implemented ideas presented, not concepts, as they give insight to hows & whats of the project rather than fantasizing about it.

Security Auditing (Hacking) and Proof of Concepts are welcome, but affected parties should be notified and invited to the event.

If this is a new exploit, net etiquette dictates that one should notify the affected party (company owning code) about the exploit 3 months prior to releasing the code to the public.

The affected party must know about what the auditor is about to present, and the auditor must not share the PoC code with anyone apart from the affected party.

Presentation Timing

Presentations should be 15 minutes long maximum then 5 minutes for questions and answers, so 20 minutes in total.

Special Needs

If you have a special need to access the venue or require certain medical assistance to be available just in case (epilepsy, for example), please let us know so we take proper arrangements.

Contact and Registration

Shaymaa (a.k.a AhamShay)
Twitter: @ahamshay

Majed (a.k.a MBH)
Twitter: @mbhbox

Twitter account: @barcampkw

If you’d like to present, please contact us! We need a minimum of 5 speakers!
Majed:  mbhkewl [at]

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