BarCamp Kuwait Five – Speakers and Presentations

Better late than never! :p

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who has attended, even briefly, and contributed to the event as a speaker or a listener. We were short of speakers (4 only), but the enthusiasm of attendees spurred multiple presentations and extended the event’s time!

Below is a list of speakers/presentations based on the event board. If you believe we missed something, let us know by commenting here or reaching out to us on Twitter.

  1. 03:30 PM – Introduction to BarCamp.
  2. 03:50 PM – The Power of Excel, Ahmad Hadeed.
    1. Using Excel to do game simulations.
    2. Splitting large files into smaller ones.
    3. Creating an offline directory cache for fast search.
    4. Form automation (for gate passes in his case).
  3. 04:10 PM – Choose Your Presentation, Hamad Al-Ghanim.
    1. 1st Presentation: How to Build Live Tracking in an App.
    2. 2nd Presentation: How to Build Web Scraping Efficiently.
    3. 3rd Presentation: Must Have Android Libraries.
  4. 04:30 PM – Hour of Code Kuwait, Shaymaa.
    1. If you’re a developer, volunteer to teach kids how to code.
    2. If you’re a parent, bring your kid to learn how to code in 1 hour.
    3. Click the link above to register for the event on Dec 10th. DO IT NOW!
    4. NOW!
  5. 04:35 PM – Virtual Reality and 360 Views, GoApp.
  6. 04:40 PM – SSL Certificates and Security of Banks in Kuwait, MBH.
    1. Compared secure server negotiations of multiple banks & showed why & what was flawd, using the online tool of Qualys SSL Labs.
    2. Talked about how to do secure communications with SSL certificates with NGINX and LetsEncrypt free certificates.
  7. 04:50 PM – A Software Contraption, Mazyad.
    1. A simple but beautiful mesh of Rust, Go, Docker and other yummy things.
  8. 05:10 PM – Journey in Solving Quadratic Equation Problem, Ahmad Hadeed.
    1. Ahmad explains how he tackled the problem and goes through the timeline of tested methods (big PC, cloud computing, …etc.).
  9. 05:50 PM – Programming and Art, Abdullah.
    1. Abdullah Al-Husainan used old computer parts and programming to create art pieces.
  10. 06:10 PM – Building a First Person Shooter Game in 10 Minutes, Dherar.
    1. It took 15 minutes using Unity 3D, but it was his first time doing an improv game to show how easy it is to make games & break the fear barrier.
  11. 06:30 PM – Cracking the Cubic Puzzle, Mazyad.
  12. 06:50 PM – Flight Simulators, Nasser Bader.
    1. Nasser spoke and demoed flight simulation and the International Virtual Aviation Organisation – Kuwait Branch.
  13. 07:10 PM – The Maker Movement in Kuwait, Abdullah.
    1. 3D printing and Do-It-Yourself is catching up in Kuwait.


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